Gretchen Wehmhoff for State House District 12



This Week's Events


July 4 - Chugiak Fourth of July Parade 2 p.m.

             Old Glenn - Latimer Fire Station

July 5 - American's for Prosperity Candidate Forum

              Palmer Senior Center 6 p.m.

July 6 - MSBA Candidate Forum 11 a.m. -1:30 p.m.


July 7 - AWPA Garden Party Fundraiser -5:30

July 9 - Bear Paw Parade 11 a.m.-

             Line up corner of Business Blvd/Old Glenn


It's time for a Leader

who will work for Us!

Are you ONE in a thousand?

We are looking for 1,000 donations of $25.


Of course, anything you can give is  appreciated.


Let's send Gretchen to Juneau in 2016


Courage, Character and  Community


Paid for by Gretchen For House, PO Box 672395, Chugiak, Alaska 99567